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Who doesn't love a rip roaring fantasy tale involving riding a magical creature? These wonderful creatures of legend come in so many varieties of shapes, sizes, abilities and personalities. We thought it might be fun to divide this epic list of dragon rider, phoenix rider, and gryphon rider books into the personality of the creature in the story. We hope you find it as fun as we did!


Personality: REGAL, BOSSY & FIERCE


Elemental Rising

Toni Cox

A magical fantasy of an elven princess and the journey to become who she was meant to be.

Series Notes: Complete at THREE books!

Hunter Image 1.jpg


Nicole Conway

16-year-old Thatcher Renley must earn the trust of a blind dragon deemed too dangerous to ride in time to stop a war that could devastate their homeland.

Series Notes: FOUR books and more to come!



Eileen Mueller

In Lush Valley, it’s a crime to even talk about dragons…
As the new Queen’s Rider, Ezaara’s plunged into a cutthroat world. Luckily, she has a dragon master — although some say she’d be better off with the enemy.
Take flight for dragons adrenaline and danger!

Series Notes: Complete at SIX books!

Anakisha SwissLake (1).jpg

Anakisha's Dragon

Eileen Mueller

Anakisha’s plans do not include a dragon. But then, the King’s Rider appears on his sleek onyx dragon. The dragon queen visits. And a bloodthirsty pirate captain rises to power, spreading terror on the Naobian Sea.

Series Notes: TWO books and more to come!

The Last Dragon Keeper (2).jpg

Oath of Dragons

Alex Morgenstern

A land where dragons are hunted and killed, a bloodthirsty emperor, a boy who can change it all.

Series Notes: Two books for you to enjoy!

Trial by Fire Cover with Fantasy Background.jpg

Trial by Fire

Jada Fisher

Series Notes: Two in the series and more to come!

In a world full of darkness, the light of the sun is the only thing that can keep the Dark at bay . . . and dragons are the only thing that can protect the light.


The Legend Book 1.jpg

The Legend of the Dragon Child ~ Book 1

Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait

Kaida spent the first 5 years being raised by dragons before the humans found her and took her in out of fear that she could be the one of the legend.

Series Notes: FOUR books complete!

FWB1 IMG 04.png

Frostwing: Dragonbond 

Morgan Lee Clasper

When Ava Frostborn finds herself stranded in an inhospitable frozen wilderness, her only hope lies in bonding with the dangerous dragons that rule the icy skies.

Series Notes: Complete at FOUR books.


The Caged Dragon

D. k. Holmberg

A young man wanting to protect his family begins an epic journey.

Series Notes: Complete at SIX books!

Personality: Fiesty, Funny & Fun



Katrina Cope

Friendship, danger, and a drive to prevent Asgard's fall at all costs.

Series Notes: SIX  books released and there are more to come!

Promo Picture -The Ultimate List of Magical Creatures - Alexis D. Johnson.jpg

The Seventh Year Trials

Alexis D. Johnson

A feisty underdog fighting to save her dragon's life. A treacherous dragon-riding competition for the nation’s wealthiest youth. And a vindictive ex-noble determined to win at any cost in a game all his own.

Series Notes: TWO books so far and more to come!

Personality: Courageous, Loyal & Snarky

Dragon Assassin Slade.png

Dragon Assassin

Arthur Slade

A snarky dragon and a newly-trained assassin take on an empire.

Series Notes: Complete at FIVE books!


Dragon Academy

Devonnie Asher

Join Kaos and her majestic dragon Ignimitra on a high-flying academy adventure!

Series Notes: Complete at FIVE books!

ds promo 1.jpg


Sarah K. L. Wilson

A disabled teen girl. An empathetic dragon. A bond that will save the world.

Series Notes: Complete at TWENTY episodes.



Steve Turnbull

It's a capital crime to ride a dragon, and Kantees must decide whether she will, right now.

Series Notes: Complete at FOUR books!

Trial by Sorcery Promo.png

Trial by Sorcery

Richard Fierce

Dragons can be dangerous ... if you don't bond with them first.

Series Notes: TEN and more to come!

Age of Dragons pic.png

Age of Dragons

Nicole Zoltack

Dragons aren't supposed to fall right out of the sky.

Series Notes: Complete at FOUR books!

Book 1 - Air Bound.jpg


Jess Mountifield

Aella thinks she's a normal person living in LA, until she finds a dragon egg destined for her.

Series Note: Complete at TWELVE books!

Windsworn social post.png

Windsworn: Gryphon Riders Book One

Derek Siddoway

Fans of Eragon, Harry Potter and Dragonriders of Pern will love this fast-paced fantasy, set in a world of majestic gryphons and ancient magic.

Series Notes: Complete at THREE books!

War Mage cover book 01 (2) final.jpg

WarMage Unexpected

Martha Carr

Raven Alby will have to train her new ride and save the dragon’s life or die trying before the war reaches their door.

Series Notes: THIRTEEN books and more to come!

Reecahs Flight_Ebk.jpg

Reecah's Flight

Richard H. Stephens

Discovering a dark secret that many have died to protect, Reecah sets out to save dragonkind.

Series Notes: FOURTEEN books so far and more to come!



Katrina Cope

The heart of a dragon, the role of a slave, and a prejudice to annihilate.

Series Notes: Complete at TEN episodes!

2020-0993 Melinda R Cordell b01.jpg

Assassin's Blade

Melinda R. Cordell

A wily dragonrider and her retired assassin grandma set off to rescue her kidnapped father in an alternate medieval Italia filled with dragons, magic, and danger.

Series Notes: SIX books and more to come!

The Spires front cover from amazon.jpg

The Spires of Dasny

Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait

What happens when three dragon riders come together as told in the prophecy? The Blind, the Healer and the Magician...

Series Notes: FOUR books and one more to come!

Roc Rider 3D IG.png

Chronicles of the
Roc Rider

Aaron Volner

To save his poisoned roc and fulfill his murdered wife’s dying wish, Tanin Stormrush must end a ruthless assassin from beyond the grave; but how can he stop a killer who won’t stay dead?

Series Notes: TWO books and more to come!


call me dragon teaser 2.png

Call me Dragon

Marc Secchia

Who will save the dragon from the princess?

Series Notes: Book FOUR coming April 16th!

ph promo1.jpg


sarah k. l. wilson

She thought there was no future for someone like her until a phoenix bloomed in her heart.

Series Notes: TEN episodes and more to come!


Ice Dragon

D. K. Holmberg

When a mysterious stranger brings word of a dragon, Jason’s whole world changes.

Series Notes: Complete at SIX books!

Chosen Book Cover with Fantasy Background.jpg


Jada Fisher

She is destined to soar with the dragons, but first. . . she must be chosen.

Series Notes: Complete at NINE books!


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