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Baby dragons are a lot of trouble! But this one might just be the Chosen One meant to save the world - if Seleska can keep him alive that long! 

With magic draining from the world, evil groups looking to take advantage, and nowhere to hide, can Seleska keep her baby dragon safe?


"Sarah Wilson is well known for her exciting fast paced page turner stories and this omnibus does not disappoint! As I followed Seleska and her baby dragon, I felt her joy in finding Nasataa, the blue baby dragon, her friendship with Heron, her best pal, New friendships, high adventure, and even horrific tragedy. These books are fantastic and I highly recommend them to everyone!"

- Amazon Reviewer, G. Walden


AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you like this action-packed serial, then you're going to want to read DRAGON SCHOOL, DRAGON CHAMELEON and PHOENIX HEART as they all have a similar vibe and type of story. Enjoy!

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