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Sarah K. L. Wilson is a USA Today Bestselling author who has written almost one hundred fantasy novels and novellas. Sarah worries frequently that she won't be an able to write all the books she wants to in this lifetime -- as she has far too many ideas -- and is convinced she will have a long list to attend to in the next life. 

With over 800,000 books sold or read in the Kindle Unlimited program, Sarah has her many fans to thank for her success and she remains their grateful servant and most enthusiastic purveyor of young adult, romantic and epic fantasy. 

Sarah writes fantasy stories featuring practical heroines in the most impractical circumstances. She loves writing because it is the only way to make a living and give back to the world when your primary skill is an overactive imagination and a tendency toward violent daydreams.

Sarah can be found in the outdoors of Northern Ontario with her young boys and beloved husband, reading a book, or fending off her husband's pet turkeys with a straw broom. 

You can find Sarah's books in paperback, hardcover, ebook and audiobook and they have also been translated into Italian, German, and (very soon) Turkish.

Please, do, enjoy the read!


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