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It's not your typical plotline or world in this gripping sci-fi adventure. Vera is a smart, gutsy heroine who defies her culture as she finds her own way to the truth and to power.

"OH MY GOODNESS what a great trilogy. From page one in the Ex-pacifist to The Splitting to Matsumoto a rollercoaster full of suspense, thrilling dark and exciting. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I read one after the other non stop. Excellent story, great plot, complex characters, You cannot pass this up it is a definite must read."

- Amazon Reviewer

AUTHOR'S NOTE: My writing has really diverged from these books (the first series I published) so now I offer them for free in my free library instead of selling them online. Click the covers below and you'll get sent to the FREE LIBRARY to read these. They still have some interesting plot turns and characters that I continue to love. If you want more of those kinds of characters, I would recommend Empire of War & Wings as your next read from my backlist.

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