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Your bird suggestions have inspired me!

Usually, when I sit down to write a new novel, I stare off into the middle distance, watching the branches of the trees in my yard dance in the breeze and I think about fiery dragon battles or stepping into the Faewald and what this character will do and accomplish ... and then a name flashes into my mind and that name is what I name my main character. It's natural and easy and fun.

But why should I have all the fun?

With this new series that I'm planning, I'm trying to give you - the reader - some of the joy of creation that I get to delve into every day. Today, that means you'll be helping me name the main character.

But wait!

First I should tell you the name of this new series. It's getting awkward to keep calling it "the new series" right? Here we go:

The Magic of Birds and Bees

The subscribers on my newsletter already helped me with the bird part. Last week they submitted your favorite birds to be considered for the books. Top in the running were:

1. Hummingbirds - these guys got twice the number of suggestions of the second most popular bird! I did not see that coming!

2. Owls

3. A three-way-tie between Ravens, Cardinals and Peacocks.

There were also some truly unique suggestions like these:

- pacific wren

- bleeding heart pigeon

- mandarin duck

- tufted titmouse

- lilac breasted roller

And this amazing contribution by ottovar777: Mockingbirds for illusionists; Swans for charmers; Ravens or Ibis for mystic/knowledge/Ritualists; Canaries for atmosphere/gas magic; hummingbirds for those who fly or move extra-spatially; etc

So amazing!

Let's keep the fun going! Below, I have character art for one of the two main characters - this is the one whose magic arrives as angry bees. What should we name her? Join my newsletter and next week you can vote on the names submitted.

Until next time,


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