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OF DEEDS MOST VALIANT is the paladin book you've been waiting for!

I'm happy to be able to offer you my paladin book today. It has finally made its way out to the world and it's ready to be enjoyed! This stand- alone book is a long fantasy book sitting at around 600 pages (depending on the format). You can grab it in hardcover, paperback or ebook.



Read the reviews and decide for yourself:

"This book is like a satisfying meal, you read it and walk away feeling glad that you did. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of the same type of book and frankly, it gets tiring. Reading “Of Deeds Most Valiant” was an experience that reminded me why I love to immerse myself in a story." - Chelsea
"Had everything I enjoyed about Gideon the Ninth, but set in a fantasy world and featuring paladins with fascinating and unique magical abilities. Murder mystery, escape room, and SO MUCH angst (in a good way). 5 Stars all the way" - Andy
"With a kaleidoscope of eccentric characters, a plot that untangles slowly, an honest to goodness proper puzzle to solve, a sweet romance, all add to my reading pleasure. But, I have to mention my personal favourite, the demon... He added an element of black humour that I loved. Well done Ms Wilson for another fanciful and dazzling read!" - Beba


Thank you for your support along the way as I wrote this gripping tale. It means so much to hear from readers and know that they love the books. I hope that you'll be wonderfully entertained by this latest book of mine!


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