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Winterfast launches today!

It's my birthday! And Winterfast releases today!

I'm not very young. And somehow that gets a little worse every year. ;)

But my writing isn't like my beauty, which fades a bit every year. My writing gets a little better as I go on new adventures and take you all with me.

I knew Bridge of Legends would be intense when I started planning it. I remember I told my brother, "Scot, I want to write a book about a guy who is totally addicted to something - magic, I think - and he's slowly going insane. But he's not a bad guy. He's actually a really good guy who just got in this tangled mess he can't get out of."

He thought it sounded like a good idea, so I hired a great mapmaker (download my map if you don't have it) and I got to work and after reading the first book, my beta reader said, "I think one of these main characters is going to have to kill the other." 

But they were falling in love. Slowly. Painfully. Darkly. But they were.

And that made writing this book, the second to last book, so much fun. If you've read at least one of my series you know this: I don't leave readers suffering. I'll make you ache. I'll make you cry. But in the end, I won't leave you hanging. I will end a book in the best possible way that leaves you hopeful and happy.

But we're not at hopeful and happy yet. This book gets dark. And surprising. And the twist at the end brings a bunch of things together and drives us toward the ultimate conclusion in the last book (Springhatch). 

Can I ask you to trust me?

Trust me and come along for this journey and I promise it won't be like any romantic fantasy journey you've been on before. 

For the guys: there's lots of action. You can skip right by the mushy bits. 

For the girls: the mushy bits are super intense. They're like little treats along the way. ;)

I wrote Winterfast "into the dark" not sure how I was going to get there, only that we were starting on the back of a dragon with a lot of calamity on our hands. I think it ended up in a really cool place. I can't wait to share it with you.

Happy Reading!


P. S.  Someone wrote to me to tell me that this darker, older young adult fiction I've been writing really isn't for them, and they were wondering when I was going to return to young adult adventure like the Dragon School books. I do have plans for another younger young adult book. If you were one of the fans craving that, could you reply to this email with a simple "yes"? I'll be deciding how soon to start writing that series based on your replies.

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