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Time to get excited!

It's time to start getting excited about Of Deeds Most Valiant!

I've been thinking about how to help you with that, because I'm already excited and I want you to be able to get there with me and be fully prepped for what is to come.

To that end, I have prepared a series of posts over the next weeks to get you ready for project paladin. These posts should answer all your questions and help you get as ready as I am for the launch of the book.

I've put Of Deeds Most Valiant up for preorder on Amazon and it is now live. I highly recommend adding it to your wishlist (there's a little heart by the cover if you're on your phone and you can just click that) so that if you read in Kindle Unlimited it will remind you when the story is ready. If you purchase rather than borrow, then the link is ready for preorder now. There's a link below for that.

You'll also find a list of the post topics we'll be covering. You're more than welcome to ask me questions by replying to this email but you might also see the topic coming up below and if you like, you can wait to have your question addressed that week.

I recommend reading all these posts so that you are fully ready for this amazing book!

This book is going to be EPIC and the start of something amazing for my fans and I want you to be with me for it every step of the way!




Posts Coming Your Way:

  1. Paladin Inspirations: what led me to write this book

  2. Extra art & diagrams

  3. Short chapter readings & where to follow them

  4. How to be on Team Paladin: expectations and benefits (this is the ARC team)

  5. Pricing explanations & edition talk (think the book is too expensive? This is your week to find out about that)

  6. Share Competition Giveaway

  7. Best Unboxing Video competition

  8. Cover Reveal

  9. Game: What Aspect would you join?

  10. Bookfunnel Sample Download: Get the first 10% early!

  11. Signed Book Shop Special Edition

  12. Standard Hardcover Edition

  13. Author blurb & Quotes

  14. Best of ARC Reader Reviews

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