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Stolen Brides of the Fae: Stolen Mage Bride

When we first started planning the stolen brides theme for our multi-author series, I was excited because this is a secret favorite of mine. I don't know why it is since I would absolutely hate to be stolen away to be someone's bride. I think maybe it's the impossibility of it all - how could someone possibly fall for a person who has taken them from everything they love? How can they recreate themselves in this new world? How can they forgive? That's part of it.

I was also excited to see what direction the authors would take with their stories. I'm excited to say that every one I've read so far is a completely different take on both fae and how and why these brides are stolen. I really like that because it's not like rereading the same story over and over again.

And of course, I'm a bit of a rebel. I thought for a long time about how other people might handle this challenge and I tried to choose an approach that I thought no one else would take. I think I succeeded at that. You'll have to wait to the very end to judge for yourself.

This week, we have Sylvia's book out and I think you'll find it starts with a real bang!

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