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Sea of Shadow Release

What a Journey!

For those of you who have been fans for a while, you'll remember that in November of 2020 I started a campaign called "vote with your preorder" where I asked you to vote on what book series I should start next: Bluebeard's Secret, Phoenix Heart, or Seven Swords. I showed you covers and blurbs and let you vote with your preorder. Ultimately, Bluebeard's Secret won out and I published the first novel in March of 2021 in response to your votes. This series - Seven Swords - received the fewest orders and was released November of 2021.

Now, a year later, (two years since I first pitched the idea to you) the series is complete (and so are the other two, if you missed them) and I'm very pleased with it. It's a short series (for me). Just three novels spanning about 150,000 words. And it reads at a break-neck pace. It's one to really get your heart pounding and your blood moving. And I probably wouldn't read it alone on a dark night, but that's just me.

My books tend to be hard to explain. I can't just say "it's a Cinderella retelling" or "it's litRPG with orcs" because the moment I grab a trope it tends to twist in my hands and makes something new. This series is like that. It started with a tea-drinking, book-loving teen girl in trouble and a magic sword and bodyguard who save her - and then it morphed into a spooky tale of what to do when the world is ending around you and you're the last person who can seem to do anything about it.

It's a tale of courage and strength and of deep, kind love. I hope that you love reading it. I know I poured my heart into writing it.

Emotions to expect: Intense Heart-pounding Angsty Sweet

Tropes to expect: Happily Ever After Bodyguard romance Monster Hunter World-wide plague Evil magic Twists & Turns Reverse Damsel in distress

When not to read it: When you're alone in the dark

When to read it: When you need something refreshing in a fantasy book.

Where to get it:





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