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Phoenix Heart is Complete!

Phoenix Heart is now a completed series!

It's perfect for readers who love fast-paced adventure in a long series so you get all the great feels! Friendship, courage and empathy are huge themes in this epic fantasy series. Fans of magical creatures will be happy to finally see a phoenix take center stage. Appropriate for all ages from thirteen and up, you can buy this for your grandchild or niece without worrying about story content.

I loved writing these books and I think you'll love reading them.

Character snapshots:

SERSHA: our voiceless heroine is faithful and unfailingly kind to those around her. She refuses to be limited or held down when her friends need help.

KAZMEREV: this fiery phoenix has a huge heart and a love for his rider and fellow phoenixes that is as intense and loyal as he is. Reborn each night, he brings with him wisdom and balance.

JUDICUS: more powerful than you might think, this rope worker mage is more compassionate than anyone would guess and more clever than his enemies fear.

MALLY: it's hard to define why such a difficult character can bring so much to the group, but Mally is refuses to quit no matter how hard things get and sometimes her arrogance actually helps.

How can you get it?

- ebook and paperback on Amazon

- full hardcover coming soon

- audio for Seasons 1 & 2 and 3 is being recorded

Link to series:

Amazon US

Amazon CA

Amazon UK

Amazon AU

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