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It's here! STING MAGIC launches today!

Do you love character-driven, fast-paced, emotionally rich YA Fantasy? You won't want to miss this series. Following in the footsteps of Juliette Maurillier and Naomi Novik, this series dives deep into the mind of Aella of House Shrike, a young woman with a powerful aberant magic and her desperate fight against the Winged Empire who seeks to take everything from her. There are vibes of Sorcery of Thorns and Bone Crier's Moon in this book, with some really fun new magic - in the form of spirit birds and bees! - and the beginnings of a slow-burn romance that's sure to develop over the course of the series. The first three books release over the next three weeks, so you're sure to get a chance to go deep into the story. I think you'll love reading it. I know that I certainly loved writing it! Launch Special: $.99 USA: UK: AU: CA:

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