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Instagram Giveaway!

I have a new favorite author.

It's Danielle L. Jensen. In the past few months, I've read everything she's ever published because I enjoy her work so much. It's just my kind of adventure and fantasy with great characters and relationships. Her new series, including Dark Shores and now Dark Skies is my favorite so far.

Danielle sent me one of her ARC copies of Dark Skies and now that I'm finished it, I'm sharing the love. I'll be offering it to someone else via Instagram on March 15th. There are details in my Instagram post below, so be sure to follow me and get in on this fun! (And if you haven't read Dark Shores yet, give it a try!

Sarah's Instagram:

In other news, I have an update on the Adventure series I am planning for later this year:

In a world where magic manifests as a sweet little bird that you nurture and care for, her magic has arrived in the form of an angry swarm of bees. Can she embrace a life she wouldn't have chosen for herself and friends who only want to help but can't quite seem to figure out her strange new magic?

I'm very excited to write this new adventure fantasy series. I'm most drawn to this new system of magic that will really dig into the characteristics of birds and of bees and into deep friendships and the power that comes from welcoming people who aren't like us. If you are a lover of birds, would you please write to with your favorite kind of bird and what you love about it? I want to share your passion as I build this new magical bird world!

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