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In 2021, the fans decide! Find out how you can join in ...

Yearly planning for writing and publishing is always an interesting thing.

It's a pull between inspiration and what you can reasonably accomplish, between what fans are asking for and what you feel you can do adequate justice to.

It's a struggle.

This year, I had three great ideas for books I could publish.

I found three talented artists and gave them my ideas. They made gorgeous covers for me and now I have three amazing book ones waiting to be written and read.

But which should I put out there first?

That's the question.

Should it be the wildly romantic Bluebeard fairtale retelling?

Or the Witcher-inspired monster hunter fantasy?

Or the serial novella that makes me think of Dragon School?

I tried to imagine my fans as I asked myself that question. What would they want to read? Would it be the one I most wanted to write? How would I know if what they said they wanted was really what they would buy and read?

And that's when I had an idea.


But not with a poll. Because I've done that before and I might get a thousand people weighing in on a poll and only a tiny fraction actually buy the book. It's the people who purchase and read who should get what they want, isn't it?

So, I thought, why not let them vote with a preorder?

I'll write all the books. I'll launch them all this year, but you get the one you want. And I'll release the most popular one first.

You get to decide which one that is. And if you get enthusiastic and share your pick around, then maybe some other people will join you in pushing to get the one you want completed and published. It's like a Kickstarter - but on a smaller scale.

And it only costs you a dollar.

So, why not vote? Show me what you want to read. Show me THAT you want to read one of these this year.

And when one of them reaches 500 preorders, I'll release it. And I'll start work on the rest of that series.

I want to believe that you'll love these books as much as I do. I want to believe that you'll join me in making them a success. I hope that I'm right!

See your options HERE and VOTE!

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