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How do you stay motivated?

Motivation is a tricky thing.

You need it to do anything well.

But if you aren’t doing that thing well already, it can be hard to find the motivation to keep going.

People ask me all the time (mostly because I write A LOT of books), “How do you stay motivated to write?”

I think the answer to that is the same for any kind of motivation, so whether you write or your dream is something else, I think you might find it helpful to think this through with me.

I have three tips for you.

Motivation Tip #1

Write because you’re a writer.

That’s what I tell myself every day when I look for motivation. I say to myself, “I’m a writer and writers write.”

I know that sounds so incredibly basic, but sometimes we need the basics!

Who are you? What are you? Let your life flow out of who you are and let that inner self-knowledge strengthen your daily tasks and strivings. Work can be a drudgery – or it can be a beautiful creation springing from your interior vitality.

Motivation Tip #2

Enjoy good books. Or, if you aren’t a writer: good art, or good architecture, or good food. Whatever the thing you need motivation for is – enjoy the end products so that you can be inspired by the beauty others have created. It will make you yearn to achieve that same beauty. And it will comfort your soul with the knowledge that it can be done!

Motivation Tip #3


Can you find a way to bring the fun back into what you’re doing?

One way I do that is by using 4thewords – a super cool tool for writers and students to gamify the writing process and help you get motivated.

I’ve been using 4thewords for the past year. It’s super fun winning quests, battling cute fantasy monsters, and dressing my character in cool wardobe items. It’s even inspired my writing and pushed me to up my daily word counts.

If you’re a writer, too, you’ll find this fun: 4thewords has a Halloween-type event going on right now where we all get to go trick-or-treating for cool stuff.

I am so honored to be one of the guests who gets to give out these treats.

If you haven’t tried 4thewords before, use my code word to unlock a surprise and a free month of play time! If you have used it, the code will still give you some cool swag.

Where users can redeem their special code: -> Dashboard section -> Account Page


(And if you enjoy fantasy novels, please consider checking out the rest of my website.

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