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Fantasy Sale!

April 28th - May 4th!

Son of Soron

by NYT bestselling author Robyn Wideman

Swords, nobles, and bitter revenge!

A noble family in hiding.

An arrogant Duke with sins to hide.

A young man poised to expose everything...

The Crown's Dog 

by USA Today bestselling author Elise Kova

Pirates, mystery, and humorous friendships!

A sorcerer with a tortured past. Friendships as deep as blood. The hunt for pirate gold is on...

The Lilac Plague 

by Kristin J. Dawson A curse, quest, and a thread of romance!

An oath betrayed.  A centuries-long curse.  A kingdom teetering on the edge of destruction...


by USA Today bestselling author Sarah K. Wilson

Dragons, legends, and a hint of romance!

Tamerlan is desperate to save his sister.

Marielle is well-trained to protect the city.

Only one can be victorious, but they both could lose everything...

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