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Fantastic Realms & A Confession

Can I admit something?

I'm what they call a blue-collar author. Have you heard that term before? It means I'm not famous with huge book launches, so I have to work really hard every day to put out a lot of books to sell and make a living.

Can I admit something else?

Sometimes I don't know what to tell you guys. Other authors go on cool vacations all over the world or have really nice houses and pretty pictures to share, but if I'm being real, my life isn't like that. I'm a regular person, working hard - and yeah, I'm super lucky because I get to do something I love every day - but it's not very romantic looking. It's basically me sitting in a chair tapping keys and when I take a break it's to go do the dishes or clean the bathrooms. It doesn't make very inspiring selfies. 

So, most of the time I'm sharing my work with you rather than cool things about my life because if I'm being honest - that's the one cool thing I have to share. 

But maybe I have that in common with some of you. Maybe you are a regular, hardworking person living in a big world and just doing your best and making beautiful things when you can.

I'm going to try to be more open with you all about that this year, and this confession is the beginning of it.

Oh - and I should also mention that I have a story in the Fantastic Realms anthology. There's a link and explanation below.

Thanks for sticking with me, dear readers. I plan to offer you as much of myself as I can this year, in the form of delightful stories.

With affection,


Fantastic Realms

Are you up to date with my Bridge of Legends series?

Whether you are or not, you're going to love my exclusive story in this anthology. It's the backstory of the gondolier, Jhinn, from Bridge of Legends but the story is very cool all on its own and you don't need to be up-to-date with the series to enjoy it.

Jhinn's brother is trapped in a barrel, running out of air and strength. Jhinn's only option left is to access illegal magic to save him. Will it be enough?


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