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Die With Your Lord

I am delighted to announce that Die With Your Lord has released, finishing out this fairytale fantasy romance series. Those of you who prefer to binge-read books all at once are now green-lit to go read this whole series and tell your friends!

I'm very pleased with this series and I think it's safe to say that it's my favorite to date. The challenges of maintaining the fairytale feel, playing proper homage to the fairytales referenced and the nods to other great literature, and keeping the story lively and unique made it a great new challenge for me.

Early reviews seem pretty unanimous -- those who made it this far in the series are just as pleased as I am with how the story found an ending. Yes, it was quite the adventure along the way and filled with struggle. Yes, the happy ending has a few bittersweet moments, but this was never going to be a twee story. It was never going to be adorable or cute. It was always going to be full of bones and teeth.

To celebrate the new book's release I have reduced the price on book one from $4.99 to $2.99 to make it easier for new readers to find the series and for you to tell your friends and see their reactions as they read along with you. I hope that they enjoy it, too! Thank you for coming along for the ride.

My next series to wrap up will be Seven Swords. Follow my newsletter to get consistent updates.

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