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Audiobook Update

I'm dancing around the room, I'm so excited!

Caitlin Kelly, the narrator of The Cruel Prince is narrating Fae Hunter. She's beginning recording in February! I couldn't be more excited. This is going to be Ah-mazing!

But I don't want to neglect my other narrators. 

The lovely Jigisha Patel wrapped up Dragon School in December. You can now listen to the entire series in audio - both individual books and in four omnibuses!

Sean Rhead is working at a fast clip. He's currently recording book nine of twelve in Dragon Chameleon. There are eight episodes on Audible and two boxsets!

Jeanne Pilgrim Mayo's velvety voice is halfway through Dragon Tide. You should get in on these delicious books while they're still being recorded. They're that good.

I was beyond excited when Fox and Raven Media recorded Summernight. They record my favorite podcast - The Wheel of Time Spoilers Podcast - and it gives me thrills to hear the same voice reading Summernight as Robert Jordan's books.

If you've been thinking about trying audio, I hope that you'll give my audiobooks a try. Many of my narrators work on a 50/50 split with me. They only get paid if the audiobooks are purchased and I just can't believe that they've put so much faith into me and my books. <3

I feel just so honored to have them all on my team!

Happy Listening!


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