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2020 Book Recap!

2020 was a busy year! I completed three series. Did you miss any of them?

Here's a quick recap!

Bridge of Legends

Will they be each other’s undoing?

From USA Today bestselling author, Sarah K. L. Wilson, comes an epic tale of fantasy, strange magic, dragons and desperate love.

Tamerlan and Marielle should be enemies.

She’s the city watch Scenter set on tracking him down and stopping him.

He’s the alchemist apprentice using illegal magic to save his sister’s life.

Twice, she nearly catches him.

Twice he evades her grasp.

As the tension between them intensifies, so does the looming danger to the city and everything they love.

Will their struggle wake the sleeping dragon and unleash destruction beyond their wildest imaginings?

Bridge of Legends is the story of hope, love, and friendship in a time when all those things seem impossible. For lovers of slow-burn romance and high-stakes fantasy – this is your perfect binge read!

Tangled Fae

From USA Today bestselling author Sarah K. L. Wilson comes this completed series - a deliciously trope-filled young adult romantic fantasy about a viciously funny mortal girl and her quest to hunt, trap, and conquer powerful fae.

I was born to hunt. I was born to protect.

But this is the one creature I wasn’t trained to kill.

The fae are sneaking into our little town. They stole my sister. They stole my sight. And now they’re going to steal everything else … unless I stop them. Isn’t that so charming?

I don’t care that they’re pretty. I don’t care that to them lies are truth, power is sustenance, and every action ripples into violence. I’m not going to let their glamor fool me. I’m going to use it to fuel me as I bring them down.

But the town is turning against me, and I’m losing allies one by one. I need a secret weapon to use against them and I need to be brave enough to use it … whatever the cost.

Can one mortal girl stop all of the Faewald?

I’m going to have to try.

For lovers of The Cruel Prince and An Enchantment of Ravens comes a world of violent fae, trickery, and magic. Grab the first book of the Tangled Fae series today!

Empire of War & Wings


Aella is the most relentless, determined seventeen-year-old in the Winged Empire’s newest settlement so of course when she manifests magic, it’s a renegade kind – the kind that gets people killed if they aren’t careful.

The only thing that seventeen-year-old Aella ever wanted was to keep raising horses with her sprawling family on the frontier of the Winged Empire.

But when the Winged Empire tests for magic, they’re looking for spirit-birds and Aella doesn’t manifest a spirit-bird - she manifests bees. An angry swarm of bees to be precise.

Furious at her aberration, the Empire snatches her from her home, ransacks her town, and draws her into a world that she hates to her very core.

Until a mysterious revolutionary offers her a deal that could change everything.

Now, Aella must choose – learn to use her new magic to save her family and the entire continent or submit to the Winged Empire and watch everything she loves crumble.

Empire of War and Wings is a dramatic, fast-paced, young adult fantasy series by USA TODAY bestselling author Sarah K. L. Wilson, featuring sweeping battles, tantalizing magic, sweet romance, and an epic fantasy story that will compel you to keep reading to the very last word. Start the adventure today!

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