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I'm USA TODAY Bestselling Author SARAH K. L. WILSON.

I write heartfelt fantasy books about little people in big worlds, standing against the darkness and refusing to back down. I hope that you find deep meaning and connection in my stories and that they help you soar through skies you'd never visit otherwise.

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Updates, sneak peaks and excepts can be found here.


Now you can read Dragon School, Dragon Tide, Phoenix Heart and (coming soon!) Dragon Chameleon in beautiful hardcover omnibus editions. These are perfect for collections, bookshelves and gifts.

Buy them at your favorite book retailer or from The Signed Book Shop for additional swag. 

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"Enchanting. Enthralling. Bewitching.

With a refreshingly self-possessed heroine plunged into Wonderland, a fae prince destined to fight the laws of magic and not afraid to remove an enemy's head - shades of The Witcher - and the captivating storytelling of Spinning Silver, FLY WITH THE ARROW is a sure hit fot fans of well-crafted fantasy. Unputdownable. Another five-star read from Sarah K. L. Wilson."

- Melissa Wright, YA Fantasy Author

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"Intense. Delightful. Unrelenting. A no-nonsense heroine, a sword of questionable origin, and a plot that sinks its claws in and does not let go. Grab a reading buddy and buckle in. This is one hell of a ride."
- Melissa Wright, Bestselling YA Fantasy Author



Phoenix Heart is a heartwarming series about a voiceless girl and her phoenix. Phoenix Heart releases in short two-hour episodes that are divided into five-episode seasons. Readers of Dragon School will be familiar with this format and will be excited to learn that this new adventure is for them!

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Mayfly World STORIES


STOLEN MAYFLY BRIDE - Sometimes stealing a life is the only way to save it. Elkhana is the Mayfly Seer. Ripped from her family, drowned, and set into a magical cage, she lives only one day a year to tell fortunes for her former people. When Vidar meets her, he sees a resource he can use to save himself from his enemies and the torturous demands of his own liege and court. But the bond between Elkhana and Vidar is growing. She’s slipping into his dreams and changing how he sees the world and he doesn’t know if he can keep on using her now that he sees her as a person. Without her visions, he’s powerless against his enemies, but if he has the chance to steal her away from her cage, shouldn’t he take it? To succeed, he’ll need a plan, a lot of nerve, and all the bargains he can strike. Will it be enough?

MARRIED BY WAR - He's a knight bound by honor. She's a sacrificial bride. Their love cannot be. When Sir Oakensen is asked to retrieve the king's illegitimate daughter to be offered in a marriage of peace with the fae, he is hoping for nothing more than a hot meal and to keep his men alive. When Iva is told that her fate is not in the kennels raising the king's dogs, but rather to be the bride of an enemy king, she thinks her life is over. Neither of them expects love. Pursuing it could threaten two nations finally on the verge of peace.

MAYFLY SWORD - It's a heist with a twist. (Click on the cover for a free download).


MAYFLY DREAM - He's a mortally wounded knight with one mission - deliver the baby prince to safety before he dies of his wounds. (Available with all orders from The Signed Book Shop.)

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"With this page-turning new book, Sarah K.L. Wilson has given us a dangerous and beautiful new world to devour. Even among the best Fae books available, Fae Hunter stands out as a masterpiece of lush world building, duplicitous characters, and twists you'll never see coming. I promise you've never read Fae quite like this!"

-Audrey Grey, USA Today Bestselling Author of Young Adult Fantasy

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“Sarah crafts a uniquely vivid world, with an equally rich magical system, and characters you fall in love with from the very first page. Definitely recommend for fans of fantasy, adventure, and who like a dash of romance to tie it all together.”


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There are many heroes in this box set. Loyalty, pain, battles for sanity, faith, love, doing the harder right over the easier wrong, these are a few of the themes found in these wonderful stories. I totally enjoyed this Complete Series. The writing is flawless. A richly woven tapestry of every aspect of this world; the people, places, dragons, way of life all absolutely shine vibrantly. You can nearly smell the scents Murielle is chasing. The heroes, even the villains are all larger than life. They are brilliant. They even work together when necessary. They live and love and fear. So beautiful. So heartbreaking. Such a satisfying read!" - Shelly, Amazon Reviewer



"Filled with danger, excitement and discovery, this book introduces Amel Leafbrought, a teenage girl embarking on life as a trainee dragon rider.

Amel does not see herself as heroic, yet she is. She does not allow her disability to limit either her dreams or her determination, nor does she give in to the taunts from those who cannot see past it. She does, however, allow herself to express the fear and misery that is all-too-familiar to those who bear the brunt of discrimination and bullying. The reader develops empathy with Amel not because of the way in which others treat her, rather than because of her disability, purely because while her physical limitations are challenging, they are not the greatest cause of distress to her. The ways in which she responds to both kinds of challenge are generally positive and proactive, and allow her individual qualities to shine. The realisation that she has abilities others do not is a source of encouragement to both Amel and the reader.

This series is now on my “one-click”list, and all who love YA fantasy, magic, and dragons should ensure it is on theirs, too."

- MapleLeafAussie, Amazon Reviewer



"Holy smokes but this series is just so freaking awesome! I started reading and just got so sucked into the story that I lost all track of the real world around me. This has it all, adventure, danger, mind numbing fear. One of my favorite dragon series!"

- Phthon, Amazon Reviewer



"Absolutely brilliant start to this follow up series. I loved the character of Tor, an unlikely hero and Saboraak, the Chameleon dragon. The form an interesting partnership to say the least. But they somehow feel a good match. Hubric is involved and this has the promise of another exciting adventure."

-Looseboots, Amazon Reviewer

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