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Dance With the Sword 
Preorder incentive

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To celebrate the final book in the BLUBEARD'S SECRET series, I'm offering a special pre-order bonus. The first 100 people to pre-order and fill out this form will receive a signed postcard, sent during launch featuring exclusive character art by Niru Sky. 

Limitations apply.

Please see form for details.

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"Enchanting. Enthralling. Bewitching.

With a refreshingly self-possessed heroine plunged into Wonderland, a fae prince destined to fight the laws of magic and not afraid to remove an enemy's head - shades of The Witcher - and the captivating storytelling of Spinning Silver, FLY WITH THE ARROW is a sure hit fot fans of well-crafted fantasy. Unputdownable. Another five-star read from Sarah K. L. Wilson."

- Melissa Wright, YA Fantasy Author

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