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You're likely wondering why I have a Patreon. Aren't those supposed to support artists who can't support themselves any other way? But I sell my books. Why have a patreon?

Those are good questions. 


Many of my readers read on Kindle Unlimited. That's just $10 a month for all the books they can read. I like how that is affordable for people on pensions and other fixed incomes. Meanwhile, I can sell my books direct to those who want to keep them and can afford a copy.


But some of my readers don't like Amazon and don't want to buy from them. Or, they live in a country that doesn't have Amazon subscriptions. Or, they have parents who want to curate what they read and only give them access to an author who is already approved.

And so, for those readers, my Patreon was born. When you subscribe to it, you're charged a small fee monthly and in return you get everything I publish. You get them early so that I don't violate my exclusivity agreement with Amazon (because my patrons get the books before they go to exclusivity with Amazon) and you get them all. There is also an audio subscription so you can get those books at a very reasonable rate and on a subscription model. 

If that appeals to you - do sign up and I'll see you there!

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