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Available in ebook, hardcover, paperback and audio (Fae Pursuit and Fae Conqueror are being recorded in November 2020).

"Deceptive and twisted, FAE HUNTER appeared to be a YA Fantasy with a hero's journey, but it was SO much more! With twists and turns throughout, this page-turning tale sucked me in and bound me under its spell until I reached the end - where I immediately begged for more. Slow burn romance, tantalizing trickery, stunning reveals, and a heroine who will make you cheer, SARAH WILSON has written a delicious Fae book perfect for fans of Holly Black's Folk of the Air series!!" 
- Raye Wagner, USA Today Bestselling Author of Young Adult Fantasy


"With this page-turning new book, Sarah K.L. Wilson has given us a dangerous and beautiful new world to devour. Even among the best Fae books available, Fae Hunter stands out as a masterpiece of lush world building, duplicitous characters, and twists you'll never see coming. I promise you've never read Fae quite like this!"

-Audrey Grey, USA Today Bestselling Author of Young Adult Fantasy


"The world-building of this one is just fantastic! I love the contrast between the human world and Faewald. The Fae and Fae creatures Allie comes in contact with are described with such vivid imagery I felt as if they were real. I'm intrigued and want to know more about the folklore that the author creates. And y'all I need to know more about Scouvrel and the world he lives in. I think we will get that in the next book.

Overall I loved Fae Hunter. I couldn't read it fast enough! Allie is a strong female MC that is easy to cheer for. And that ending?! Be warned, it will leave you hanging. If you enjoy faerie tales and folklore, YA fantasy, you are in for a treat. I highly recommend it."

-Lillian McCurry, Indie Book Haul Manager & Staff Reviewer, YA Books Central

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