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" If you are a dragon lover, you will NOT want to stop reading! I would compare these to Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels, which I discovered (and fell in love with) many years ago. They are every bit as captivating!" 

- Amazon Reviewer, A J Norton


A disabled teen girl. An empathetic dragon. A friendship that will save the world.

For fans of Anne McCaffrey's DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN books and the popular HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON movies comes a series about bright hope in desperate times. 

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"The wordsmithing of Sarah K.L.Wilson brings a new world to life. Her words bring people, places, beings and worlds to life with colors and sounds, like you have never felt them before.

I am not comfortable with this analogy, but, it's like Harry Potter on steroids.
I remember reading The Lord of the Rings as a young girl. It was my first fantasy adventure, how I placed myself in the different characters. How free I felt to be moving as these other beings (even Smeagle). I could be one entity one minute and another the next.
Sarah K.L.Wilson's storytelling brings me back to that same feeling of ------- joy and adventure."


- DeeDee, Amazon Reviewer

"I...... I am not sure what to say. This was,.. Just WOW. I binge read this entire serious in a matter of a week. I could not put this story down for the life of me. This was wholesome and great. I was there in this story like I was in the books. I was swept away with the utter intensity sown into these pages. I would often find myself cursing into the air and talking at nothing in particular for "justice and truth" to finally break through and give the characters respite. There is a lot going on here. This is definitely a bumpy ride. You better "strap in" and hope your up for the "flight" of this story. Truly an intricate masterpiece. The characters have a pretty good character plot to them. If there is a continuation of this story I would most definitely read it. I want to know how things work out. These characters have been brought to life now that I have read this story and I hope this is not the end I hope for more."

- Matthew, Amazon Reviewer

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