"What a great dragon story! I love when dragons are protagonists; the way Raolcan is portrayed and the way he interacts with Amel makes him totally endearing. I've been rooting for him from his first word! And Amel is an incredibly inspiring character; with her physical disadvantage and the prejudice she is subjected to, her strength and courage shine through. Not to mention the kindness and compassion we see in her heart. Really, I'm in love with these characters and their story. I can NOT wait to read more about them... and Leng & Ahlskibi, and Savette & Eeamdor, and the Grandis & the other Dragon Riders, the Initiates & Colors.... Every person, dragon, and detail of this world is just so interesting and engaging for me; I think I'm gushing right now. I literally just finished reading this book and wish the next one was published already!"


- Maria Arcara, Amazon Reviewer


DRAGON SCHOOL is Episodic Fiction - combining the fun of reading with the fast-paced excitement of your favorite tv show.

*also available in AUDIO

Dragon School: First Flight

Dragon School: Initiate

Dragon School: The Dark Prince

Dragon School: The Ruby Isles

Dragon School: Sworn

Dragon School: Dusk Covenant


Dragon School: Warring Promises

Dragon School: Prince of Dragons


Dragon School: Bright Hopes

Dragon School: Mark of Loyalty

Dragon School: Dire Quest

Dragon School: Ancient Allies

Dragon School: Pipe of Wings

Dragon School: Dragon Piper

Dragon School: Dust of Death

Dragon School: Troubled War

Dragon School: Starie Night

Dragon School: Ascendant Light

Dragon School: World Extras

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DRAGON SCHOOL is also available in paperback, hardback omnibuses,

audiobooks on Audible and translated into Spanish and Italian.

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