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Excitement is already brewing for my recently announced trilogy that starts with THE FISHER KING which will be published by Orbit US and I am here for it! 

So many of you have questions about the book, so I’ve tried to compile the questions into one place where you can find your answers. I hope these help!

Q: Talk to me about the vibes! What does this book feel like?

A: THE FISHER KING is a very emotional, intense adventure, full of twists you won’t expect layered over an island vibe. Spraying water, swimming in the sea, fishing, Ancient Greek garb, long wet hair and glistening sun — that’s your vibes!

Q: Tease us with some tropes!

A: Four words: Ultimate enemies to lovers

Q: Can you tell us more about the story?

A: A desperate queen makes a deal with the gods—marry a poor, washashore

fisherman and relinquish her crown—in order to save her people. But not all gods keep

their promises, and the man may not be all he seems.

Q: How long is THE FISHER KING?

A: THE FISHER KING is about 117,000 words and is the first of a planned trilogy. (Trust me, we’re going to need all three books for this epic story!)

Q: When is THE FISHER KING due to be released?

A: Fall 2025

Q: Why can’t we get it sooner?

A: The wonderful people at Orbit set this date so we can perfect this book for you and get it absolutely perfect. While I’ve been publishing for a while now, I have never worked with a traditional publisher before or editors at this level and I’m learning so much! You’re going to love the result.

Q: When can we expect the rest of the series?

A: Right now the plan is for an annual release schedule.

Q: Are there cliffhangers?

A: Well, that would be telling. Let’s wait and find out!

Q: Who is the cover artist?

A: I don’t know that yet, but I ADORE Orbit’s covers. I think they are wonderful at signaling the exact book you’ll get with the cover and I can’t wait to see what they do for THE FISHER KING!

Q: Does this book relate to any of your others? Same world? Same characters?

A: No. This series is entirely new and fresh. I can’t wait to dive in with something totally new!

Q: Have you written the whole series already?

A: No. Book one is in edits and I’m beginning to draft book two (as of July 2024).

Q: Is the book written in first or third POV?

A: First.

Q: Will there be the typical Sarah stuff in this book? Strange magic, angsty romance, bitter enemies, sacrificial power, you know all the things?

A: Yes. This is still a book written by me though it has been enhanced by my wonderful editors.

Q: What time period is this series set in?

A: This isn’t historical fiction, but a fairytale/romantic/epic fantasy and therefore it is not strict to a time period but does have a very Ancient Greek feeling to the setting.

Q: Is it spicy?

A: Someone always asks this and I never know what to say since readers thoughts on this varies. This book is written for adults not teens. You’ll have to judge for yourself if it falls within your personal ethical reading choices.

Q: Does this mean you won’t be writing indie books anymore? 

A: It does not mean that, though I will be setting aside my indie books for a while after I release the end of Dragon Legacy so I can focus my attention on this amazing trilogy!

Q: Can I get an ARC/ free copy/ Beta copy?

A: This is no longer within my control. Since this is published by Orbit and not by me, all ARC copies will be distributed using their normal process and I will not have access to them or to determining who receives them. Honestly, I don’t even know what their system is but I’m so excited to find out!

Q: Can I support this launch?

A: YES! In fact, I crave your support! If you can share about the book as art and quotes become available, I will be so grateful. Any reviews, adding to book lists, word of mouth, selfies, instagram shares … or other creative things you think of, are SO APPRECIATED!

Thank you so much for your interest and support! 

I can’t wait to share more!


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