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Orbit is thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired World English Rights to a gorgeous,

romantic fantasy trilogy from Sarah K. L. Wilson, starting with THE FISHER KING. In this

sumptuous fantasy perfect for fans of Rachel Gillig, Hannah Whitten, and Danielle L.

Jensen, a desperate queen makes a deal with the gods—marry a poor, washashore

fisherman and relinquish her crown—in order to save her people. But not all gods keep

their promises, and the man may not be all he seems.

Queen Coralys rules the Kingdom of the Five Isles, but when disaster strikes, killing her

husband and destroying half her nation, she pleads with the gods for salvation. And

they do save her, turning back the terrible winds and tide, and snatching her islands

from the brink of destruction. 

But the gods have a wicked sense of justice and they demand an exchange for their

help: Coralys must marry the first man to set foot on her pier. Coralys expects the fleet

of a neighboring country to come to rescue her people, led by its prince, a loyal ally.

What she gets instead is a fisherman so sunburnt and stinking that her court can barely

keep their breakfast down. 

Coralys, undaunted, marries the fisherman just as she promised the gods, and sets out

with him in his unkempt dinghy, with nothing but hopes of revenge against the gods to

keep her from despair. But what this fearless queen does not know is that the fisherman

is actually the god of the sea and he stepped on her dock on purpose.

His own kingdom besieged, his body terribly wounded, and his place as a god

threatened, the god of the sea has plans to turn the tides set against him and finally

offer a place of refuge for his people. But to work the magic he needs will require the

willing help of the one woman bent on his destruction.

The Fisher King will publish in Fall 2025. Executive Editor Brit Hvide acquired World

English rights at Orbit US, with Editorial Director Jenni Hill at Orbit UK.

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